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The first step in enrolling your child in our school is to complete the “Interest in Enrollment” form and hands it into the main office with the require documentation attached.  If we do not have any openings, your application will be stamped with the date and your child will be entered onto our Waiting List.


When a spot opens up in our school, or when we prepare for the next school year’s enrollment, we begin to call children on our waiting list in the order in which they were received.  Parents have 5 days to respond to our call before we move onto the next child on our list.  Some special circumstances, such as children with special needs, may allow newer applications to be moved into a “high priority” status.


The program you are enrolling your child in will determine the next steps, but in general, parents must submit certain paperwork prior to scheduling an intake interview.  The intake interview is a 3 step process (can be completed in one, or multiple day visits) and includes filling out paperwork (family information, permission slips, etc.); review of policies and procedures; and finally, a review of medical issues/concerns with our program nurse.  While this process can be long- it is extremely important because it is the first time for us to hear about your child- and for you to get to know us!

We encourage you to bring your child in for 1 to 2 short visits during regular preschool hours before her/his first day. These visits will help you and your child feel confident, safe and familiar with the classrooms and routines at the school.

The following documentation is required when you hand in your enrollment form.  It helps us to determine your eligibility for our program.

·         Interest in Enrollment Form

·         3 Proofs of Address (Utility Bill, Lease Agreement, any other monthly bill/statement)

·         One month of paystubs, or other proof of employment (most recent consecutive paychecks for both parents)

·         If parents are not together, please provide proof of support arrangement (if receiving)

The following documentation is required before your child can begin the program

·         Medical Exam

·    Dental Exam

·         Immunization Record