Children’s Day Preschool and Family Center
Incorporated in 1893

Over 125 years ago a group of philanthropic women gathered in Passaic and saw a need for quality care for the children of immigrant mill-workers. The school is one of New Jersey’s oldest non-profit early childhood education centers. Our red brick building has stood on the same corner and provided a warm learning environment for new American families since 1905, when the ladies of Passaic raised the money to build it.

At that time the building echoed with a mix of Eastern and Southern European words and accents from countries such as Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria-Hungary, and points beyond. In the 1950’s they came from the southern United States and Puerto Rico. From the 1980’s foward, the Spanish accents were from Central America, South America, and Mexico. The families have always come looking for better lives. Our school provides the first rung on the ladder of success for their children.